YORK Chillers Units

YLAA Air-cooled scroll compressor chiller

YGT Air-cooled VSD screw chiller with HFO NOVO

YVAA Air-cooled VSD screw chiller

YRW Water-cooled screw compressor chiller NOVO

YCSE / YCRE Style C Water-cooled screw compressor chiller

YVFA Air-cooled VSD screw chiller with integrated Free-cooling

YCWL / YCRL Water-cooled scroll compressor chiller

YVWH Premium-Efficiency VSD water-cooled screw compressor chiller

YVWA Water-cooled VSD screw compressor chiller

YZ Magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller

YMC2 Water-cooled magnetic centrifugal chiller

YK Water-cooled centrifugal chiller